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This was a rented property that, as you can see from the photos, required a fair bit of attention to bring it back up to standard.

The main problem with this job was quite clearly the discoloration of the entire surface area and in particular the walls and ceilings which the client was originally keen to have stripped of the old wood chip wallpaper. Upon closer inspection it became obvious the surface underneath the paper was plasterboard and given the condition and length of time it had been up, to remove it would have taken an unspecified amount of time and effort and also likely taking off chunks of the surface underneath with it resulting in bigger problems. Not cool.

After the decision was made to go ahead with painting, we first started off by preparing the woodwork and then coating the entire flat with our old pal Zinserr but when we came back the next day for first coating the tinge from the stain was still shining through! this almost never happens! 

On with a second coat of stain block and this time it killed it dead so that let us get on with our first coat of emulsion on the walls and ceilings with 2 more to follow which went without incident. The woodwork required a coat each of good quality undercoat and gloss to finish everything off and the results speak for themselves.