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Dawson Crescent Dundee

We were asked by an existing customer to do a complete re decoration of their living room which included full preperation of all surfaces, new lining paper applied and painted, ceiling and woodwork also.

The customer had done a pretty good job of stripping off the existing wallpaper so it was down to us to get the walls prepped for lining but first thing to do was to protect the brand new wooden flooring that had only been installed a couple of days earlier so we used our old friend "Roll & Stroll" to mask up and then added further protection with dust sheets on top of that.

Down to sanding then - we always use a hand sander with a medium grade paper for all contact edges prior to lining and then a full size sanding pole takes care of the larger areas ( see pics )  this ensures that we have a smooth surface to start applying filler to any cracks or holes. The walls were"nt too bad here so we did"nt have to go crazy with the filler just the usual wear and tear you would expect from surfaces of a fair age.

First bit of prep done and it was time to get a coat on the ceiling and again this was in quite good condition as it had previously been papered with good quality Anaglypta so a couple of coats of good quality White emulsion were all that was needed here.

Next was time to sand and size the filling done previously and get measured up for lining paper.

It was a fair size living room so quite a few rolls of lining paper were needed ( see pics )

Lining paper hung, the next job was to get a first coat of paint on the walls. The customer had chosen 2 colours for this - a lovely light grey for the main walls and a darker grey for the feature chimney breast wall ( see pics ) 

Next was to prepare the woodwork which was to be a White satin finish so a good sand and scrape of any debris from the nail holes and it was ready to go. We also had to use a stain block on the windowsill which had been finished in woodstain previously.

Final coat on everything and the job was a good "un!